Blue Triangle Community Center Fundraiser

Blue Triangle Community Center

Supporters of the historic Blue Triangle Community Center recently sponsored a fundraiser at the home of Gite Gallery owner Lloyd Gite. Dubbed a “Garden Party,” twenty-five women, dressed in white, gathered inside of Gite’s Third Ward home where they were served champagne and desserts.  Proceeds from the event went to help fund programs at the historic center

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The Arts in Action 2017 Spring Show


The Boys & Girls Clubs held their 2017 The Arts in Action Spring Show at The Gite Gallery. The program is committed to providing Boys & Girls Clubs with resources that inspire creativity and develop 21st-century skills through high-quality programming in fine arts, digital arts, performing arts and applied arts. Pieces created by Boys & Girls

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Carla’s Closet Receives 300 Dresses for Homeless Students to Attend Prom


More than 5900 homeless students attend Houston Independent School District (HISD) schools. Like their peers, they want to hang out with friends, participate in extracurricular activities, and attend school functions such as prom. Unfortunately, many of these students can’t attend prom because they lack the financial resources to purchase a dress and shoes. Carla’s Closet,

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