The Gite Gallery Helps Client Decorate Smaller Space


Deshaunta Benn wanted a change in her life. After several years of living in the suburbs, she decided to sell her 2,650 sq. ft. home and downsize to an 800 sq. ft. apartment near Houston’s Medical Center.

“I’ve always wanted to be near downtown, in the middle of city life,” says Benn, an educational administrator. “I wanted to be close to the museum and theater districts and nearby restaurants.”
Her 24th-floor apartment has incredible views of the downtown skyline and the medical center.

Benn, a longtime client of The Gite Gallery, asked us to remove her art from her suburban home and install it in her new apartment.
“I didn’t want anyone to touch my art,” says Benn. “I wanted The Gite Gallery to pack it up, transport it, and rehang it in my new place.”
The Gite Gallery rose to the occasion.

We created an art wall in the apartment where we placed several large pieces. The other paintings went in the foyer, bedroom, and bathroom. In total, we hung 26 pieces in the smaller space.

“I could not be more pleased with the placement of the art,” says Benn. “This feels like home, only more compact.”









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