Amazing 102.5 FM Christmas Pot Luck at The Gite Gallery

amazing 102.5 houston

The Amazing 102.5 FM staff had its Christmas “Pot Luck” party at The Gite Gallery to celebrate their successes, and fellowship with one another during the holiday season.

Those on hand included Emilian White, CEO/GM, Kim Gagne, VP Programming, Sunday Classics Host Pam Wells, Rochelle and Michele, better known as The Gossiping Heifers, Joy Sewing of the Joyful Life, Motivational speaker Jonathan Sprinkles, Marco Spoon, Kim Aitch of Camera Ready, and Nettie Jones, the Girlfriend’s Therapist.

This group of radio professionals, along with their guests, partied until the wee hours of the night.

Photos by Alton Cooper


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