Mimi Irvin Showcases New Line of Bow Ties for Women at The Gite Gallery

mimi irvin the gite gallery

Article exerpted from “Another Reason Why Mimi Irvin Is One of Houston’s Top Fashion Influencers” by Taelor Smith, Contributing Writer at D-Mars


Fashion influencer, Mimi Irvin, debuted The Meye Chic Bow Tie line for women at the First Friday Happy Hour held at The Gite Gallery. Mimi thought there was no better venue to showcase her new fashion line than at The Gite Gallery.  Mimi expresses, “The Gite Gallery owner, Lloyd Gite has been a true supporter of my work and fashion business since I launched my label. I actually had my launch party here for my label three years ago. He has been one of my biggest fans since day one, and I could not have the showcase at any other place.”


The bow ties are all of Mimi’s creative designs, most of which she creates with her love of color and a specific pattern in mind.  She feels that the bow ties are a great way to try something new.  “I think for women who don’t wear color and patterns, this is an easy way to start incorporating this into their attire,” she says.


Many styles and designs are available for clients to choose from. Mimi also customizes bow ties to fit any color, pattern and size you need.  Mimi is looking forward to what Meye Chic Bow Ties will bring to women’s fashion everywhere. She hopes women will be inspired to switch up what they wear, try new accessories and diversify their style with the help of chic, classy bow ties.


Mimi adds, “This has really been very positive. I’m very excited. With this, I actually now want to take it to where women can just have their accessory piece as it relates to their socks – trouser socks. Now you have your Meye Chic Bow Tie to go with it.  I think this will evolve into something great.”

Photos by Keith Cornelius


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