At Home With Dr. Bill Fleming and Denise Joshua Fleming

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Long-time clients of The Gite Gallery, Dr. Bill Fleming and Denise Joshua Fleming moved into their new MacGregor-area home three years ago. The 4100 sq. ft., two-story home is the perfect size for the empty nesters.

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“It’s not too much house,” says Denise Joshua Fleming, co-publisher of Coastal Publishing Family magazines. “It’s a liveable space in that we are able to utilize all of the space that we have. The front balcony, the back balcony, the media room and all of the bedrooms.”

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The first floor of the home is very open and works great for parties and family gatherings.

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“Because of the open concept, we can add additional tables and chairs to the foyer to accommodate a large number of friends. The house is great for entertaining, which we often do,” explains Denise.

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The home has both contemporary and traditional furnishings. Much of the artwork has a black esthetic.

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“The art is afro-centric. It feels like our culture,” says Denise, whose husband, Dr. Bill Fleming, is a neurologist and owner of Memorial Neurological Association.

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“We feel excited, comfortable and relaxed when we come home. It’s our safe haven away from the world. Home is our happy place.”


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