At Home With Karen and Sharon Mitchell


Houston twins Karen and Sharon Mitchell are big art collectors. Their nearly three-year-old, two-story home on the outskirts of the city is chock full of original paintings, prints, and limited edition pieces.


“We absolutely love African and African American artists,” says Karen. “We also love bold colors. The majority of our paintings have very bold colors,” adds Sharon.

From the moment you step inside the neatly kept home, you see a two-story wall in the foyer covered with about a dozen large paintings, from the bottom of the wall to the top.


The first floor of the open concept home includes the living space, dining room and kitchen. The twins also have a very good eye for accessories.


They have several shelving units and coffee tables that hold their collections of earthen vases and vessels, wooden containers and African themed baskets. They add even more color to the bottom floor space with pops of blues and silver.


The black marble dining table, which is always set, is flanked by white leather chairs. Overhead is a dramatic chandelier.


We wanted this space to be airy but also comfortable,” says Karen. And boy do the twins love pillows. There are lots of pillows on the leather sofas in the living room and there are even more pillows on the beds in their separate bedrooms.


When asked if the longtime art collectors are through buying paintings, they had this to say. “Not hardly,” says Karen. “We still have several blank walls so that means we’re still in the market for more art and accessories,” adds Sharon.


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